Zayn and Louis waiting to get expelled in the principals office for getting caught smoking weed on campus


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tip for 6 year olds: dont do TOO well in elementary school, your parents will expect those 5 years of grades for the majority of your school life

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Nothin like a messy bun day with ur friends

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1: You are not lazy, you are ill.

2: You are not selfish for taking care of yourself.

3: You are not arrogant for loving yourself.

4: It’s okay to feel sad, but it’s not okay to let the sadness win.

5: Your worth isn’t defined by if a person does or does not love you.

6: Do not put all of your happiness into one person. Ultimately you have to be your own hero.

7: A healthy person does not wish to be sicker. There is no such thing as “not sick enough”.

8: It’s okay to be alone every once in a while.

9: A bad day doesn’t equal a bad life.

10: Sometimes not giving into your addictions will make you feel worse in that moment than if you had given in, but honestly, the worst days in recovery are better than the best days in relapse.

11: Strategies and techniques are your new best friend.

12: Eating doesn’t mean you’re weak.

13: Not eating doesn’t mean you’re strong.

14: The words ‘f*ck it’ do come in handy once in a while.

15: Your feelings are valid simply because you’re feeling them. You do not need to justify yourself.

16: Never feel guilty for being sad because “someone has it worse than you”.

17: People are not perfect. They will offend you, hurt you and let you down from time to time, but this can be from lack of understanding; it does not mean that they don’t love you.

18: You are not a burden.

19: You have to learn to love yourself before you can fully love someone else.

20: Do not let your illness define or limit you.

21: Don’t be afraid to walk away from toxic relationships/friendships.

22: Do the things you love. Every. Single. Day.

23: It’s okay to be different.

24: Good things can, do, and will happen to you.

25: Recovery is not about being strictly happy, it’s about learning to become whole.

26: You cannot change the past, but you can learn from it. So stop analyzing it and wondering about what you could’ve or should’ve done. Learn to let go.

27: Letting go isn’t a one time thing, you need to do it over and over again.

28: The bad things people say about you, actually are reflections of what they think of themselves, not you.

29: Everything seems bad when it’s 3am.

30: You’re not worthless, you’re priceless.

31: One day this pain will all make sense to you. There are things you need to learn.

32: Ultimately it’s only your opinion of yourself that matters. Do what makes YOU happy.

33: U hella rad.

Things I’ve learned in recovery.  (via asoulsearch)

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How to get Harry Styles to notice you at a concert: Be a dad.

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is he wearing a “u mad bro” shirt?

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any 1d song goes hard as hell if you’re 1d af enough

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i saw one direction in concert and i still don’t believe they’re real

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My anaconda will consider it

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little jaden looks so pleased with himself

The joke was hilarious and at the same time profound

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boy toy named Troy used to live in Detroit

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Anonymous whispered "Are there any videos of 1d saying something bad about Modest?"


In a few round-about implied ways, yes.

That one time they were accepting an award, so Liam thanked Modest and Louis’ eyes rolled all the way in the back of his head




That other time in an interview where they were asked “Are there any clashes, you know, in terms of management and the band?” Once again Louis’ reaction is priceless


When the boys went up to accept an award, Harry Magee (one of the heads of Modest) went in for a high five and Louis pretended like he didn’t exist.


PORKY PIES this one was pretty blatant





And my personal favorite


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